Group photography

Group photos are often an important element of conference and meeting events. We know that groups are usually impatient to get to their next activity which means we only have a few moments to arrange the…

Event Candid photography

Document your event with fun and creative candid and casually posed photos. A variety of views and skill with flash lighting provide an entertaining selection of happy snaps…

Conference and Meeting photography

Brian Dennehy is the Vancouver conference and meeting photographer of choice for many planners. Understanding of both available light and skill with flash combined with the ability to capture key moments enable us to provide superior…

On-Site Portrait Studio

Individuals, couples or groups are photographed on site in an environmental or studio portrait setting. Professional lighting and backdrops are available.

Event Production and Entertainment photography

High production values and top name talent often mark signature special events. The dual challenges of low level theatrical lighting and moving action require an experienced event photographer. Event producers rely on us to capture shots…

Event Food and Catering photography

Fantastic food and outstanding catering is a key element of any successful event. The chef wants everything presented fresh and the guests can’t be held back for long. Our skill and experience has produced great event…

Event Activities and Teambuilding photography

Capture the fun and action generated during an activity or team building event. Document the event for future reference and build employee morale with the help of great photographs…

Corporate and Editorial photography

Corporate head-shots, portraits and editorial photos are usually taken on location at a client work place or job site. Professional studio lighting equipment can be brought to the venue in order to enhance the results. We…

Convention and Trade Show photography

We have a proven track record as Convention photographers. Conventions have numerous elements: plenary sessions, social functions, trade show and concourse are among the elements that need to be documented. Clients want to show that their…

Event Décor and Scenery photography

As a planner or producer, how often have you been disappointed with the results of amateur photos that fail to capture the look of a venue so carefully prepared? Photographing event décor and scenery in such…

Event Green Screen and On-Site Printing Services

Green Screen photography can be used to support any theme and create a fun interactive attraction that will enhance any event. Our on site printing services give your guests the opportunity to receive a unique branded…



General documentation of events or specific event features.




Individuals, couples or groups are photographed on site in an environmental or studio portrait setting.  Professional lighting and backdrops are available.




Professional photographer and technical staff with hi-speed dye-sub printers produce lab quality prints in the quantities required. This is NOT an automated or semi-automated “photo-booth”.




Often requested with onsite printing, experienced technical staff with green screen technology designed for hi-speed digital rendering can produce branded theme images for print or digital output.  Design support assistance is available.




Transfer of photos to AV tech staff is done in a timely manner.  Slideshows of varying complexity can be supplied including customized and choreographed AV productions.




A variety of web gallery options are available.




Professional associates and qualified staff are available for events large and small.